Losing The Fluff - Episode 2: Making This a Lifestyle Vlog?

I've been getting a little more comfortable with the camera, and I'm loving documenting my journey more and more, everyday! I'm loving it so much, that I'm considering making this a vlog channel about my everyday life. My weight loss will always be the biggest component, but it's therapeutic just pulling out the camera and saying whatever is on my mind. I'm hoping to get a better camera and get familiar with iMovie, so I can up the quality of these videos!

Watch on YouTube HERE!

Losing The Fluff: Weight Loss Diary Episode #1

This was my first attempt at vlogging my week, and it's safe to say it was a FAIL. That's okay though, it'll get better as I continue filming and getting more comfortable with the camera. This week, I didn't count my macros, track my food, and I even splurged on brunch with friends, but I still dropped a pant size! I'm so excited for what is to come!

Thank you for following along with my journey!

Fitness Diary - The Beginning

I really wish I would have started this earlier in my fitness and weight loss journey, because it would have been cool to look back and see how far I've come.

I've decided to start documenting my weight loss journey through videos! This is mostly for me to look back at, but I'm posting these on YouTube in hopes that it'll help someone get started. These videos are going to be really unstructured and unpolished, but that's kind of how I want them to be..and partly because I'm filming and editing these videos on my iPhone, haha!
The plan is to film what I eat and what I do throughout the week and upload once a week. We'll see how that goes. Sometimes I might just be sitting and talking to the camera, I'm not setting any rules for this project. 
Here is the Intro video in this series! Hope you follow along with me! 

If you prefer to watch on YouTube, you can click right HURRR 😊

A New Chapter...Goodbye Beachbody.

If you've followed this blog for a while, you can see some obvious changes around here. All posts have been deleted, a stock theme has been applied, and there's nothing about Beachbody anywhere.

The past 3 years with Beachbody have been amazing experience, but it is something that I am no longer passionate about. Health & Wellness are some of my biggest passions, but I felt like I could no longer pursue those with Beachbody. I know this doesn't represent the company as a whole, but what I was taught to promote was that the gym sucked and my home workouts were the only way to go. 

For a while I believed that the gym sucked, I mean, why drive to the gym when you could stay at home and sweat it out? Then it happened. I found myself itching to get to the gym. I completed multiple Beachbody programs and followed the meal plans, and honestly nothing worked to get the weight off. In January 2017, I took action and sought out a more personalized meal plan from a local, medical m…